7 Top Reasons Why Exhibitors Choose Modular Exhibition Stands

There are many exhibition design and build methods available and at the disposal of organisations looking for the best advertising impact at a trade show. With all the options available it may be slightly overwhelming on what to choose and why. Within this article, there are 7 reasons why modular exhibition stands are a top choice. Read below to find out how this option may be a viable solution for your marketing and advertising needs.

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One of the key elements that set modular exhibition stands apart from other custom-built booths is the fact that they are much more affordable. Modular exhibition booths are not as cost effective as a pop-up or banner based stand however they are more in the middle ground of affordability compared to stands that are completely custom without losing quality or advertising impact.


If your organisation is planning on visiting and showcasing your brand at several different trade shows then modular designs can be a great option. This allows you to avoid having to pay for a new custom-designed booth for every show. This is a key strategy for smaller organisations that are looking for maximum marketing results while using a smaller budget.

Professional Quality

Gaining the most engagement and results from trades how marketing will be directly impacted by the look and professionalism of your exhibition booth. Having a professional look will help with generating more attention and gaining more interest from attendees as they browse the event.


A great feature of modular based exhibition designs is that they are built in multiple sections. They can easily be added too or changed depending on such things as the amount of floor space you are allocated. Also, you can customise your exhibit and change it easily with the different parts available and changing graphics and technology can give your stand a new look and feel at each trade show.


When you use modular exhibition design and build an appropriate booth you will find that they are easier to transport, to install and also to change the specifications of it. You can actually lower costs associated with setting the up your booth and transporting it from venue to venue when using the modular based design.

Environmentally friendly

In the year 2018 people are becoming more and more aware of environmentalism and re-using products and showcasing a green credential can give you added credibility. Being able to re-use your exhibition stand is a great idea and it can also be manufactured from recycled materials. You can make less of an environmental footprint by choosing the modular design options.

Lower risks

Modular exhibition stands continue to be a favourite among businesses because they have a much lower risk in terms of reward and the associated expenses. A modular booth can offer you a more aesthetically pleasing appearance rather than using pop-up stands and they are easily more cost-effective than customised stands and booths.

Modular exhibits work well

Choosing to attend a trade show is a great way to display your organisation and the branding it stands behind. When needing to draw attention a modular exhibition stand can be a great method and it is cost effective too.

7 Top Reasons Why Exhibitors Choose Modular Exhibition Stands

Work Tax Free If You’re Employed Offshore Aboard a Ship

Claim 100% Tax Free Income with Seafarers Earnings Deduction

Many people who happen to be employed as a seafarer in the United Kingdom may be able to take advantage of an excellent piece of tax legislation that allows those that qualify the right to claim a 100% tax exemption on all foreign earned income. This tax exemption is known as the Seafarers Earnings Deduction and it happens to be the result of nearly 15 years of a legal battle involving the HMRC and the seafarers trade unions of the United Kingdom. A final agreement was reached in 2012, however, the seafaring unions are still hoping to extend the availability of this exemption to include members who are employed in the armed forces. This tax exemption was first put into legislation 19 years ago back in 1988 and still to this day many people do not know of the Seafarers Earnings Deduction and may not use it. Within this report, we hope to share with you the details on how the Seafarers Earnings Deduction works and whether or not you can apply and use this special piece of tax law.

Working on a super yacht can be as glamorous and exciting as it sounds. Image credit: Super Yacht Rotation

The first version of the Seafarers Earnings Deduction first came into law for a number of really good reasons. The first was because seafaring employees spend a lot of time outside of the United Kingdom and have to deal with a very highly competitive global job market. Also, this law was passed to put more UK citizens in foreign waters and ports to help serve with the defence needs of the United Kingdom. The job market is incredibly competitive in the seafaring industries and HMRC wanted to make it more beneficial to those that live in the UK. Also, it helps with defence needs as we stated earlier although this tax exemption does not apply to those employed by the military.

This tax exemption was created to help UK seafaring employees but unfortunately, many people and crew members do not take advantage of this tax break or even know of it. The Seafarers Earnings Deduction can be incredibly hard to understand when you read the information available in the HMRC. We have decoded Help Sheet 205 and have reviewed it and have these details to give you. To begin with, the HMRC does not state what a ship is, but you must work on one. But what is not classified as a ship are listed as follows, Fixed production platforms, floating production platforms, mobile offshore drilling units as well as flotels. If you work on any of these types of vessels you will not have the Seafarers Earnings Deduction apply to you.

Some seafaring employees do not completely understand the law or rules and regulations and may choose not to benefit from the SED. In the seafaring industry, there are two common personality types on how they deal with their taxes. The first group of people will open a corporation or business in the UK or in another country to save on taxes. While the other group of people may choose not to file a tax return which is a big mistake. If you are able to apply and use this tax exemption then take advantage of it.

Many people do not use this tax exemption because of the issues regarding how much time you may spend ashore. Under the rules, you may spend no more than a 183 days ashore per year. A day is registered if you were ashore during that day and at the end of the day at midnight. You will need to keep all paperwork, stubs, and receipts that prove you were ashore for only a 183 days. If you are ashore over 183 days then this tax exemption will not work for you. You need to keep all forms of paperwork to prove you were only ashore for the maximum number of days.

In order to qualify for days at sea, you must embark or disembark from a foreign port. This means that you cannot embark or disembark from the UK. If the HMRC would make this tax exemption more understandable I believe that more people would take advantage of it. It is very important to declare your income as with the Open Exchange of Information the government can find out your tax details anyways. If you don’t declare your income you will not be able to do much with it. If you wanted to take out a mortgage or a bank loan you would not be able to because you would need a SA302 letter which is only available if you do your taxes.

The Seafarers Earnings Deduction is here to stay and should be used if you qualify!


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Work Tax Free If You’re Employed Offshore Aboard a Ship

Carports vs Carriage Houses: Which is Best?

If you are searching for a method to provide your vehicle the added benefits of shelter from the elements and extremes of weather this article will help you with showing you how and why carports can be beneficial for your needs. Building a garage or a carriage house is a lot more time consuming and not to mention costly. This is why carports make such a great alternative and this article will give you the details and a rough outline of what it takes to build your very own. Continue reading to get the full details of what it takes to build this structure below.

The very first aspect of building a carport is the planning stage and you will more than likely have to look into the building codes to make sure you are not breaking any rules in your local municipality. Second of all, you are going to want to be sure that the area you are choosing to build your carport on will not interfere with any sewer, gas or water lines on your property. Mark out the plotted out area with string and stakes and make sure it is measured as a square.

A Simple Carport Under Construction. Image credit: Motorozzi

The next stage consists of digging holes for the posts. You will want them to be at least a foot wide and one foot deep. Pour concrete into the holes and set a stirrup bracket at the center of each concrete pad. Be sure the brackets are level and then place a piece of wood over the concrete and allow it to dry over a period of two days. After place the posts in the brackets making sure they are vertical. Drill holes for carriage bolts and secure the brackets and posts together.

Next, you will have to measure out the height that you wish the roof to be using a string line and you will have to cut off any excess wood from the posts as necessary. In order to prevent the roof from gathering water be sure to build it at a slight angle that slopes away from your house for snow and water runoff from the weather and elements.

After you will want to cut a bearing beam that fits the length of your carport and then you attach it to the rebates you pre-cut. Make sure that you bolt the beams and the rebates together. We suggest that you use galvanised 4.5-inch coach bolts. If you are attaching your carport to your house then be sure to use a bearing beam that is parallel to the first and attach it to the side of your home. If your wall is made of wood then we suggest that you use coach screws but rather if your home is built from masonry dynabolts are typically what you will want to use.

Be sure to follow the building codes in your area when it comes to building a carport. You will need to measure and cut the correct amount of rafters and attach them in between the two bearing beams. You will want to have them spaced out every three feet and we highly suggest that you attach the rafters to the beams using galvanised nails for the best possible results.

Polycarbonate is a very popular carport roofing option. Image credit: Corm Square

Lastly, at the very end of this project, you will need to attach the roof. You will need to measure it and then attach it to the rafters and bearing beams. You will want to be sure that the screws you use for the roofing utilise rubber washers before you go to tighten them. As an added advantage you will also want your roof to extend a few inches past the frame of the building to allow for snow and rain runoff so it does not collect and slowly damage the roof of your carport.

Carports and timber carriage houses are great additions to a home and add the value of protecting your vehicle from the elements and off of the street which also makes your vehicle less of a target for criminals. After you have built the structure it is always a good idea to paint it and treat it with a protective finish to ensure its longevity and usefulness. Overall they are an efficient method to store your vehicle and even add to the resale value of your home when you are thinking of possibly selling now or in the future. Unlike a garage or a carriage house, they are much more cost-effective and give you the added value of your home and property.


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Carports vs Carriage Houses: Which is Best?

How replacement doors, drawers & countertops can transform a dated kitchen

Give your home a facelift with these simple updates

Have you ever noticed or found yourself in the kitchen while visiting friends as a guest during the holidays? The kitchen has become the entire heart of a home over the past 40 years and has moved from being at the back end of the house to the centrepiece gaining attention and lots of people. The kitchen is usually treated as the great room of the house as a modern place for social gathering, cooking and eating.

Kitchen cabinets are in essence the heart of the kitchen and set the theme and style of your home. Even if you would rather enjoy a traditional or contemporary looking kitchen, the drawers and cabinet doors will change and alter the beauty of your kitchen. Being able to add value to your home with custom made kitchen cabinets is always a great idea. Being able to balance beauty and budget are the two things you must bring together to harmonise and make your kitchen that much more beautiful.

New Kitchen Doors Can Be Made to Measure. Image credit: Mosaik Design

Remodelling your kitchen improves the overall enjoyment of your kitchen but also increases the value of your home if you were to decide to sell it. Modern and attractive kitchens will make a home friendlier and more inviting and will help encourage prospective buyers to pay the full asking price. You want your kitchen to feel smart, that is conducive to cooking and is attractive and inviting. When you remodel your kitchen you can typically add to the price of your home a lot more than if you didn’t remodel your kitchen.

If you are rebuilding your kitchen or need to replace worn out countertops. you will be able to find the right kitchen countertop at the right price. You will just have to shop around and compare prices. When it comes to selecting a kitchen countertop you need to know what kind of appearance you want, how easy it is to clean, what kind of style of countertops will match your cabinets and your budget.

If you are looking into something flashy and elegant for countertops we suggest you try granite as it adds value and truly looks incredible. They are built to last and are easy to clean. There is also different styles and colours that you can choose from to give your kitchen a new fresh updated look. You can also look into laminate countertops a well as Formica countertops if granite does not fit within your budget.

Another thing that we suggest for your kitchen rebuild is to add what we call “pot drawers.” They have ordinary drawer fronts but when they are pulled out they expand into deeper shelves that can hold a lot of kitchen pots and pans. These specialised shelving drawer units give you the additional storage space you crave and gives you more space to use your kitchen to the fullest. You can add this strategy to your home modelling plan to add value and prestige to the kitchen of your home. It will add value and make your home more modern and helps you get the highest price when you decide to sell.

Replacing your kitchen doors is an added way to change the layout of your kitchen. There are plenty of styles, patterns, colours, and fits that can meet any budget. Not only that but you can replace whole cabinet shelving units or just replace the cabinet drawers and hardware attached. It will give your home that boosted appearance and feel. You will be able to upgrade your cooking area and keep it modern and relevant for now and into the future. Replacing the doors and drawers can give you a more modern and transforming look. It doesn’t necessarily have to take a large budget to upgrade your kitchen with cabinet doors and drawers. You can easily visit a kitchen facelift expert in Maidstone to find new doors, handles, pulleys, and knobs to change the overall appearance of your kitchen whilst on a tight budget.

Sliding Pullouts Make Accessing Cabinet Contents Simple. Image credit: Shelves That Slide

Another great way to upgrade your kitchen is to add new kitchen drawer pulls which changes the look and feel of your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Kitchen drawer pulls can be any shape, colour or style and they do not take a lot of time to install. The way the drawers look is very important and should be able to match the rest of the kitchen giving it an over all completed look. Think about the over all style of the kitchen you want to build and then choose what kind of knobs or handles you will use for your kitchen drawer pulls.

Drawers and pull-outs are a great way to directly access entire cabinet contents and add resale value to your home. They give you the organisational freedom that you crave and can easily optimise unused space and makes it easier to cook and bake in the kitchen. When you pick drawers for your lower cabinets provides greater flexibility and are a unique and clever way to optimise space.

How replacement doors, drawers & countertops can transform a dated kitchen

How To Buy The Best Running Shoe For Overweight Men

Choosing suitable running footwear for larger guys

Being overweight is not easy when it comes to getting comfortable shoes and the right size of clothes that are fashionable. If you are a runner, it may be difficult to find the best kind of running shoes that will support your weight and offer resistance to shock, hence keeping you safe as you run whether on a treadmill, track or whatever terrain.

Typical Foot Pronation in Overweight People. Image credit: Boot Bomb

Finding the right kind of running shoes is essential so that they don’t wear and tear out after a few uses just because it wasn’t made to withstand your body weight forces. When buying a pair of shoe for an overweight man then looks for the following features:

Adequate arch support

When you are overweight, you probably don’t have as much arch of your feet as the need is hence you will need a shoe that will give you adequate support and keep you away from injuries choose shoes that have excellent support for your soles

ELIMINATES pronation

Each person has a different pronation as some legs tilt inwards (over pronate) while others tilt outwards (under pronate). Most overweight people’s legs tilt inward, so it is best to get a shoe that has an adequate support that will allow your feet and ankles to roll the exact amount with every stride as they run. Good shoes offer a good amount of cushioning or shock absorption that will help stabilize your gait and works in keeping your knees safe. Overweight people whose leg tilts inward, the shoe wear and tear on the inside so get a shoe that gives additional stabilization and support. For those whose foot tilts outward, the shoe wear and tear on the outside so get a shoe that has an extra shock absorption.

Good Quality Insoles Can Prevent Overpronation. Image credit: Medical Arts Podiatry Associates

quality outsole

Heavy runners who over pronate need stability, so they will need a shoe that has a supplemental toughness in the outsole so as to offer reliable impact absorption and cushioning. A high stable shoe will not only provide stability, but also increase muscle endurance and leg strength which translates to better runs and increased distance. A good quality shoe should be able to absorb and distribute the force of impact evenly while running and also provide adequate traction on the road and track.

good construction & quality material

The shoe should be extra cushioned all around and especially on the heels and forefront and should not be heavy, so that it gives you a light feeling to offer free-flowing running stride. A well-constructed shoe will prevent ankle, feet and back pains. The upper material should be meshed so as to allow ventilation and airiness into the shoe as it has a direct impact on the runner’s endurance level. With cool feet, a runner is able to have better foot control and a controlled gait and stride. They should also be waterproof to keep your feet dry when you run in wet areas.

fit foot width

For people who over pronate then you should consider the width of your feet for a proper fitting and a strong stability so the shoes should have a bigger inner volume than shoes for skinny people. A great example of a suitable brand are Nike running shoes, who produce the “Structure 20” sneakers that are ideally suited to heavier guys.

The most common width size is from 2E to 6E as they because they don’t strain the feet or sole and they are able to easily wiggle their toes. Some runners have wide feet while others have narrow feet and this affects the shoe size number. Buy shoes late in the evening when your feet are wide enough so that you get the best size.

The Nike Structure 20 running shoe is ideally suited to flat footed, overweight men. Image credit: Nike

Because it may be difficult to get a shoe for overweight men, buy your shoes in a running specialty store and the staff help you chose the best running shoe. The staffs are able to examine your feet and know if you have a high or low arch, the pronation, and measure the width of your feet so that you get a shoe with maximum comfort and stability. Try different shoes with adequate cushioning and run a treadmill or around the store so that you get to choose a shoe that feels comfortable and is natural too when you are wearing it and running.

As you choose your running shoes, don’t be deceived to choose a shoe that is too light in weight because it will not hold the impact of your body when you are running. Pick a shoe that is for your foot type, super cushioned that will handle pressure and keep you injury free. A good shoe that will last for a long time will cost you so make sure that you are ready to invest in one.

How To Buy The Best Running Shoe For Overweight Men

How to make a built-in bookshelf with MDF or plywood

Create a storage masterpiece in minutes!

Built-in bookshelves can make a huge difference in a room. They can make it look so much cosier, and they also provide plenty of storage space, which in case of bedrooms and living rooms comes in really handy. From books to DVDs, built-in bookshelves help you keep things more organized, and the room tidier, while also making good use of the space available. If you were to take a look around your home you will surely find various areas and unused corners where you could build a built-in bookshelf. Let us go over how it can be done with some basic tools and using either plywood or cut to size MDF sheets.

Start off by identifying the area where you could incorporate a built-in bookshelf. Measure it so as to determine the size of the shelves you will be building, and how many you could include in that space. Once you have determined the measurements of the shelves, purchase the MDF or plywood sheets accordingly. You will be able to find various thicknesses, and since these shelves will be holding books, you need to take into account that there is going to be a considerable weight on them. So keep that in mind when buying the MDF or plywood sheets. Generally it is best to opt for plywood instead of MDF for such a project because plywood holds screws better.

Mark the measurements on the plywood and use a table saw to cut out the pieces. Rest the plywood sheet on a roller table or on sawhorses so as to facilitate the cutting process. If you do not have a table saw you could also use a circular saw, but make sure you manage to make straight cuts and then finish off with a handsaw.

DIY MDF Bookshelf. Image credit: Amazon

At the ends of the top shelf you will need to cut rabbet joints. This is best done using a radial-arm saw. Make sure you cut at increments until the track is wide enough as the thickness of the plywood sheet. This is important to allow the top shelf to rest properly on the two sides and you will thus be able to achieve a more secure fit.

If you are going to have adjustable shelves, you can use a pegboard as a template to drill holes for them. To do this more quickly mark the center shelf’s location, and then draw reference lines across the holes that are on the pegboard so as to ensure that you do this evenly. You should drill slightly deeper than the length of the pegs, and adjust the ideal depth according to the thickness you are using.

Next attach the support blocks for the center shelf. To do this use glue as well as finish nails. When driving the nails into the wood make sure that their head is just above the surface area, and then use a nail set to drive the nail just below the surface. Afterwards drill and countersink the pilot holes for the top part and attach with glue and wood screws. Next apply wood glue to the support blocks of the center shelf and attach it. Repeat this process for the bottom shelf.

Now you can attach the bookshelf’s back panel. Fasten it with 1 inch brads starting from one corner. When you are done you can move on to the trim. Often 1inch by 2inch trim pieces to the bottom and side edges of a bookshelf are ideal. These can be attached with nails and glue. The top trim can be attached later. Any sharp edges should be rounded or smoothened at this point. This can be done using a router with a half inch roundover. If you are going to have edge molding, you can glue and nail it at this point. Be careful not to split the molding.

It is recommended to install a kick plate as it will help to hide off screw heads and the result will be neater. Drill and countersink the pilot holes for the kick plate and then cover up any screw heads with wood filler. Now you can prime and paint your bookshelf.

Once the paint has dried well, dry fit the bookshelf to see that it fits well and so as to prepare the area where it will be installed. You may need to remove any short sections and this can be done carefully using a hammer and a chisel. Next you can move on to attaching the bookshelf to the wall. Drill pilot holes through the back panel into the wall studs. Then, toenail the shelf to the wall by means of screws. It is best to have someone help you to do this process. Make sure you do not drill through the inside of the bookshelf. Finally you can attach the nailer to the top shelf and the trim. Cover any nail holes and touch up any areas for neatness, insert the pegs and place the adjustable shelves, and you are done!

How to make a built-in bookshelf with MDF or plywood

The Landscape Planning & Ecological Survey Process

Why it’s important in a modern expanding world

Nowadays, the word ecology can be best described as the study of environmental systems. As humans, we have sadly become careless in doing this and protecting the green spaces of our surroundings.

With all the mass construction in the past few decades and trees cut down and species extinct, the effects of the environment have been given little focus. As a result of that, we are facing some immense environmental problems such as floods, deforestation and the extinction of many precious species. All of these issues risk our existence and put a question mark to our future and our lack of foresight in caring for our home we call Earth.

Fortunately, ecological planning has introduced landscape and ecological surveys – making a step forward when it comes to protecting our environment. But how do these measures actually help?

Why Is Ecological Planning A Key To A Safe Future?

Every modern business now is now striving to be environmentally and ecologically conscious. The latest standards have made this a rule – but also an essential aspect of a cost-effective business in the long haul. In addition to contributing to and ensuring a sustainable environment, ecological planning is considered as the best way to achieve the goal of ‘planting’ sustainable business practices in the right area.

Ecological planning nowadays refers to as the process of recognising the effect of ecology – most specifically its processes and environments – and using all this information to find the best solutions and integrate the human habitation into the certain areas appropriately. The end result is a human habitation which merges with the natural environment in a good way, so that both sides benefit from it.

Although the concept of ecological planning has been around from the early 1600’s, it first came to fruition in 1969 as a result of the increased environmental awareness and the potential negative side effects on the environment all caused by humans. Over the past few years, ecological planning once again got a new label with the introduction of landscape architecture and design to the masses.

Image credit: Blackdown Environmental
Image credit: Blackdown Environmental

Rebuilding Our Environment (And Future)

Landscape and ecology surveys are now the standard that prevents urbanization, globalization and climate change to cast a spell on the modern world. Through the use of surveys, every project or development should analyse and record all the data about the environment, animals and/or birds living in the area and take specific actions.

When it comes to landscaping, it can also go a long way ensuring that the damage done to the environment in the past is corrected nowadays to some extent. Ecology and habitats surveys help a lot in this manner and can be used to replant the trees and bring back much of the needed greenery and biodiversity to our lives.

At last, it is up to us to ensure a better world for future generations to live in. The use of ecology and habitat surveys plays a great role in that.

The Landscape Planning & Ecological Survey Process

5 Sky Watching Tips for Beginners

If you are thinking of taking up star gazing as a hobby, let us be the first to welcome you to one of the most satisfying hobbies there is. However, we would be doing you a disservice if we don’t make you aware of the fact that you won’t ever see an image like the one below with amateur equipment during a casual observing session.

Hubble Space Telescope

Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope

This particular galaxy, known as AM 0644-741 is located about 300 million light years away, which is out of range for all but the biggest scientific instruments. So what is the point of taking up star gazing if you can’t see structures like this yourself? You may well ask, but this question has many answers. While we cannot give all those answers here, we can give you a few tips on how to enjoy objects closer to home with equipment that won’t bankrupt you. Read on, and we’ll tell you how…

Manage your expectations

No telescope on earth can resolve a star other than the Sun into a disc, but don’t let that discourage you. Most stars live in multiple star systems and many of those systems can be resolved, or split, into their component stars with modest telescopes, or even with a pair of binoculars. Moreover, many stars in complex systems have different colours, which are often very striking, with the pair shown below being a prime example:


Image credit: Richard Yandrick

With the naked eye, this pairing known as Albireo appears as a single point source, but a small telescope at modest magnification easily splits the source into its components. There are many other examples of multiple stars that show different colours, and hunting them down is one of the most rewarding ways to learn how to find your way around the sky.

However, the trick to doing this is to know the limits of your equipment. Many newcomers to the hobby leave soon after arriving simply because they expected too much from their equipment.

Join an astronomy club

Before you rush out to buy an expensive telescope and a suit case full of equally expensive accessories, take the time to join an astronomy club to learn the basics of observing. Even the most advanced members of clubs were novices once, and they got to where they are now by asking thousands of questions.

There is no such thing as a dumb question, so attend as many club functions, star parties, and presentations as you can to learn as much as you possibly can, because it is a rare thing to find a club member that will not answer your questions freely. By learning as much as you can from other members, you can save yourself a ton of money and great disappointment when the equipment you buy does not perform as you expected it would.

Learn the sky

While there is nothing wrong with automated telescopes in themselves, using one from the get go will prevent you from learning the sky. The best way to learn how to find your way is to practice something called star-hopping, which is sort of like following a map of the sky.

You can of course use star charts, but until you get the hang of comparing a chart to the actual sky, you need to have an idea of what is where in the sky. One way of doing this is to learn how to identify the more prominent constellations, and to use “marker” stars in these constellations to navigate to other objects within that constellation. There are many excellent free planetarium programs available that will help you with this, and we recommend that you learn the basic arrangement of the sky as seen from your location with such a program.

Learn the coordinate system

You can spend hours each night looking for something in the sky, or you can learn how to find anything visible from your location by getting to know the basic system of celestial coordinates.

In simple terms, the sky is divided into grid pattern that corresponds to lines of latitude and longitude on earth. Image the lines on a class-room globe being projected into space to form a grid, and you have half the battle won. In practice though, these lines are not visible in space, but if you use your horizon as a point of departure, you can measure the elevation and right ascension of any object to within a few second of arc. The image below illustrates the basic working of celestial coordinates:


Image credit: http://astro.wsu.edu/worthey/astro/html/lec-celestial-sph.html

Buy the best equipment you can afford

We are not suggesting that all reasonably priced optical equipment is bad, but much of it is. For instance, avoid equipment sold in supermarkets that offer magnifications of up to 1000 times or even more.

During normal observing you will hardly ever use magnifications of more than about 300 times, and even that is stretching things. The problem with magnification is that the higher you go, the smaller the field of view becomes, which has the added problem that movements or vibrations in the telescope are magnified as well. Therefore, very high magnifications can make what you want to see invisible, simply because the field of view becomes too small.

This is particularly true of the Moon and planets, so only ever buy telescopes for beginners from specialist dealers that have years of practical observing experience themselves. They might offer a telescope at a higher price than a supermarket can, but the telescope you get from a specialist will give you years of crisp, clear views, which is something no supermarket special can do.

5 Sky Watching Tips for Beginners

How To Choose An Interior Design Contractor in London

Contemporary interior design is a trend that spread like wildfire over the past few years. People want the best elements for their homes and business spaces – and interior design offers plenty of options for those who wish to put an accent to the beauty of their indoor spaces.

Therefore, interior designers choose to work in individual homes or move into the commercial world and specialize in office building decor. Anyways, the natural flair for interior design is where both of these aspects meet, making the interior a comfortable and modern place.

Choosing An Interior Design Contractor In London For Your Home Or Business Space

Is there a clear cut way to choose the best interior design contractor in London for your home or business?

A great idea to save you time when choosing an interior design contractor is to know what you are aiming at. In other words, knowing what your home may look like, what colors do you want and which style should it incorporate is of utmost importance.

Today, we are sharing all the latest trends in interior design, which will help you find an interior design contractor that will blend them in your home or office.

Interior ColourS: The Rule Of Thumb

Colours should be the primary thing to consider when redecorating or stylizing your home. They can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere – or a cool and refreshing one. However, if you miss the right colors – they can also result in a unbalanced and disjointed atmosphere.

A great tip in regards to choosing the best colors for your home – is to focus on cool colors for your bedroom such as mint, light blue or light gray and let the warmer tones for the living room and kids’ room. Also, the rule of thumb applies here and goes with the proportions of 60-30-10, where the dominant color (60) should use 60% of the wall space, furniture and artwork. The secondary color should take up 30% of the space and the last, the accent color, a mere 10%. This rule will keep your interior design colors in a great balance.

Interior Design Trends And Styles For Your London Home Or Office

It doesn’t take too much to be original and creative – once you know what you want for your home or office interior. Obviously, being up to date with the latest trends and styles is something that every interior design contractor in London will recommend you as well.

The typical business interior trends now dictate modern and sleek looks with classic tones and elegant styles that do not pop in the eyes, yet create a productive environment. In terms of home interior design, the trends can go along with your individual personality, favorite colors and already owned furniture. The key is to find an element of design that is trendy however unique to yourself.

Arranging The Furniture: Every Interior Designer’s ‘Forte’

Choosing an interior design contactor in London won’t just get you the best furniture, styles and colors for your home or office. It will also let you see how spacing works and how to save space in every room of yours. From entertainment sets to couches to living room and office decor – the designer’s main focus is to always provide a comfortable and convenient living space that invites family friendly activities and conversation.

Obviously, communication is one of the most important things and a crucial priority when it comes to interior design. Every contractor knows that it is their job to provide a welcoming atmosphere tailored to your needs and budget. However, letting them know your vision is of utmost importance so that your dreams turn into a sophisticated reality.

A Final Word

Whether your kitchen needs a fresh accent or your office needs a modern conference room, working with an interior design contractor in London will give you the best solutions that fit your budget. In the end, the job of an interior designer definitely requires more than a vision. However, those who love to decorate, organize, design and plan your living or office space will assure you that the process is worth the effort.

How To Choose An Interior Design Contractor in London

Which Kent Search Engine Optimisation Agency is right for me?

Choosing the best SEO supplier amongst a world of choices

Today, the world of search dominates everything. Our lives are online whether socially or professionally. Most businesses now have websites and they rely heavily on high levels of relevant traffic that will bring in sales conversions and tangible user interactions. The world has effectively gone completely online.

The county of Kent is full of small to medium sized businesses and most of them, rely heavily on local trade sourced from towns and cities in close proximity. Once upon a time, people used to use a fat yellow printed book to find local businesses but now, Google dominates that sphere.

Printed directories are a thing of the past and big data is what drives traffic, business and sales. So with that in mind, it’s no surprise that several internet marketing agencies have sprung up around the Garden of England county and are offering their expertise in making companies more visible online to help them get to the front of the queue when a potential new customer or sale is looming.

So how do you select the right SEO agency?

It’s a tough question when most people do not understand the nuts and bolts of what search marketing is really about. The temptation is to find the cheapest most economic solution but invariably, these suppliers are based offshore, have poor reputations and seldom deliver on their promises. You may as well take that money and burn it.

If you run an online business, giving your URL to an SEO is like handing over the future of your business to them. It’s that major so if you choose unwisely, you may find your business in hot water and sinking fast! So here’s some tips to finding a good local supplier and engaging the services of a local search engine optimisation agency in Kent:

1) Rank – make sure you find an SEO agency that ranks well themselves in Google. Run a search and see what businesses appear on Google’s local and first page organic results. Then run a few more searches of the same nature and you should find that a few keep cropping up. Those guys clearly know what they’re doing so should be a good stating point.

2) Response – send an enquiry to a select few agencies and request a call back. See who’s the first to contact you to discuss your needs. The one’s who are happy to pick up the phone and chat to you about your requirements are clearly the one’s who deserve the most respect.

3) Freebies – some agencies offer a free initial consultation or even an on-site audit to give you a starting point and idea of hwo well your site ranks and what remedial work is required. Agencies who operate in this way are clearly happy to give away a loss leader because they’re serious about getting your business. There’s nothing gained if nothing ventured so a free on-site analysis can only be a good thing!

4) Transparency – top quality Kent SEO agencies will always tell you their price points. Some will charge a flat hourly rate whilst others may have set packages to suit different budgets. If you speak to an agency that wants to avoid talking numbers, perhaps you should avoid talking to them!

5) Reports – any self-respecting SEO company will promise regular reporting every month with a detailed synopsis of the work done and the progress made. If not, you have to ask what it is they are doing with your money and how you can quantify their work without one.

6) Instinct – if you have been in business just a few months or several years, trust your gut feeling about these guys. Did they answer all of your questions? Did they give you confidence in their abilities to get results? Will they support you through the bad times as well as the good? Do they offer a value added service? Do you trust them?

If you can confidently answer positively to all of the above, then you may have just landed on the SEO firm that you’re ready to hire!

SEO Company Kent

Which Kent Search Engine Optimisation Agency is right for me?